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Gareth has a gentle yet highly effective approach that understands you can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created. The perspective I have gained from Gareth’s holistic style has helped me to understand the roots of my issues but more importantly gain a better understanding of how I relate to myself and the world around me. Practical and sustainable guidance that has left me better equipped to deal with everything life throws at me.

Salesman. 35

I have known Gareth for the last 4 years and he has been of immense help. His wisdom and vast experience was evident from the outset. His deep understanding of the ‘male psyche’ which stems from both his personal experiences and his academic research is very unique. I found the sessions with Gareth very comforting and helpful. Gareth was very versatile and our discussions ranged from my personal difficulties to the latest research in psychology. He used a variety of techniques tailored to the needs of his client. More importantly, Gareth was a source of comfort and compassion and his desire to help was very palpable. Through his guidance in practising mindful self-compassion I was able to deal with many of my anxieties and discover a more relaxed ‘at ease’ way of being with myself and dealing with whatever challenges life brings forth. Gareth’s persistence and effort to ensure lasting change is what makes him stand out among many other therapists. Indeed, he endeavours to stay in touch and see how I am doing on a regular basis. I recommend him wholeheartedly!’

T. S. – Doctor. 29

Having ruminated over a number of issues in my life and finding it difficult to work out why they were causing me anxiety,stress and low mood I found Gareth via the internet. When I first met him I felt completely at ease and able to open up and have a very honest conversation without being judged. Gareth very quickly made me realise that I am wired this way as a result of my formative years and that with work I could change my way of thinking. He also introduced me to exercises that help me cope with heightened levels of the above moods and is always available to talk outside of our sessions. Although I am still work in progress I feel that I am well on the way to a better frame of mind and better able to cope with life’s difficulties.

Managing Director: Film Production Company

“Working with Gareth has had a profound impact on my mental and emotional state, and helped me begin to transform my working and personal life in a very positive way. I have been able not only to see my circumstances and behaviours with much greater clarity, but to completely transform my relationship with them, and with the people around me. I work in a high pressure environment and these sessions have helped me discover how to greatly reduce stress and anxiety levels, giving me new tools to do so. The most important changes though have been in an enhanced understanding of my self, and in my personal relationships, where the shift in perspective the sessions have brought about has been really transformational. Its not overstating things to say that these sessions have been life changing for me, and I would strongly recommend this practice to absolutely anyone.”

A.S. – Chief Executive

Men Should Talk and Me. As fifty something guy in middle management. I Recently I found myself suffering from acute anxiety and what appeared to be horrendous OCD. At the time I was constantly in a state of high anxiety and far from fully functioning socially. Having worked with Gareth previously I had no hesitation in going to see him at his new office on Lloyd Street, Manchester. The new office is calm and cool, easily accessible . Gareth as always a good listener , assured me that we could work through the problem and that in time “ it will pass “. Up to then I had started to believe things may not get better which in itself added to the discomfort. We worked together on several occasions, some of which you could say were tough love in the sense that issues and experiences previously avoided had to be faced head on. Gareth also provided exercises and techniques to practise at home. In time , it did begin to pass, and over the course of our work, Gareth remained calm and reassuring never judgmental. As we talked he was able to help me to understand in relation to my experiences “what makes us tick” . This helped me to stop blaming myself and beating myself up generally, and to begin to be “my own best friend “. I have no hesitation in recommending Gareth and Men Should Talk . It’s a simple concept – but it can be a life saver. As someone once said “ Its good to talk ! “.

Managing Director. 51

I can honestly say sessions with Gareth have transformed my life for the better. Despite my huge initial reservations at seeing anyone, I immediately found Gareth’s calm, laid back manner reassuring. At a pace that suits me, Gareth’s in-depth advice and practical exercises have systematically encouraged me to permanently change the way I see myself, which had been 90 per cent negative. ‘Having met with quite a few counsellors in my life for various reasons none ever seemed to make much impact. However I can honestly say that my sessions with Gareth massively changed my perspective on myself and life in general for the better with actually very few sessions. I uncovered deeper issues than the ones I initially came to see him about and through helping me to understand and accept my feelings and thoughts, I have been able to overcome them and let go. I made a very life changing career decision as a result – the best decision I have ever made and I now feel that I know much more who I am and am much happier in myself. I continue to recommend Gareth to friends who have also thoroughly benefitted from seeing him.’

H.J. – Designer. 25

For me the key to Gareth’s effectiveness is that a meeting never actually feels like a meeting. Each time we get together there is a structure but the open, informal way we work through it leaves you continually surprised when (as frequently happens) an important realisation dawns on you. It’s powerful stuff. I can honestly say that I’m a great deal stronger mentally and expect to continue developing the more reflective, compassionate way of being.

Managing Director. 39

“Gareth helped me to refocus, relook and revisit through the eys of my past to allow me to understand what was happening in my present situation. I found it really useful to be able to talk openly and freely without being subjected to personal points of view. This helped me to work with my feelings and develop my change through the ability to just let go of what was inside. I was suffering from past emotions taking over at my weakest moments. Gareth guide me to work with my thoughts, positive and negative, and the associated reactions in a way that allowed me to feel very much at ease with myself. I would highly recommend Gareth as he does have a natural ability to know how to work with any issues you have. His work style and environment is relaxing and soothing.”

Executive. 33

My Name is Barry, I’m 32 and I’m Engineer. I went through a hard time recently; I split with my girlfriend of eleven years, was made redundant from work and was just generally having a hard time. I was feeling down, alone, isolated; I spend a lot of time in the house just sitting watching TV and not going out. It was actually a family member that found Gareth’s website and contacted him on my behalf. I didn’t want to go at first, I though how will this help me? I don’t believe in this stuff. I went to the first session and by the end I was quite intrigued. I agreed to go back again and see what happens. For me the first three session were the most important, the first session intrigued me, the second started me thinking about things in a different way and by the end I wanted to know more. The third session was the most difficult for me as we started to identify some deeper issues I hadn’t even thought about. Initially I think I was looking for a magic answer or some new technique that would “fix” me but it never came. Instead I had all the answers my self, I just didn’t know it. Gareth is a really nice person; he’s kind, patient, and very intelligent. After speaking with him it became very apparent he has a great passion for what he dose and a vast wealth of knowledge on the subject. I’m struggling to write this because I have so much to say but I don’t want to write an essay. I feel much better within myself, I’m not “fixed” because I was never broken but instead I understand. I have a new way of thinking about things now and I believe this will be with me for the rest of my life. I’m trying to think of a way to end this and summarise my experience, I think two words best describe it: understanding and compassion. These two words have helped me so much over the past few months and will be with me forever now. I would like to thank Gareth for all his help and guidance and I would happily recommend his services to anyone who feels down or lost or struggling or any other issue that is important in you life. He is a genuinely caring person that can help to open your mind and allow you to make the changes within yourself for the better. Thank you very much for all you time and guidance.

Barry – Engineer. 32

“Gareth has not only helped me overcome the initial issue that brought me to himself. But he has given me much more in knowledge and awareness that I can draw upon anytime, every day of my life and use to further grow with. Furthermore he has enabled me to experience the warm feeling of compassion – something that prior to my therapy was just a word. Gareth’s warm open approach makes him easy to talk to, giving you his full time and attention. It is clear that he really does care and has only your best interests at heart. Meeting him has been one of the most life changing experiences and I would recommend him to anybody.”

S. J. – Fashion worker. 27

Gareth has been instrumental in changing my life. I initially approached Gareth as I was suffering with persistent feelings of anxiety and insecurity that had dogged me for years, but had become more acute since reaching ‘middle age’. He has helped me on a long journey of coming to terms with who I am and how to be more at peace with myself. His approach is a  fusion of common sense, deep appreciation of the masculine psyche and compassion. He has shone a light into places I scarcely knew how to face, let alone understand. As a man of middle years, I needed the insight of someone who understands implicitly what is is to be male and live in times like these. He gets it. Guys – this man knows his stuff and I cannot thank him enough for the progress I have made. Every man needs a Gareth. He is simply brilliant. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

I.P. – Managing Director. 54

When I came to see Gareth I had a lot of issues holding me back from living my life to the fullest but from walking out of the first session I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was able to face up to the past and present problems and put them all to bed. Gareth showed me lots of techniques to help me deal with everyday situations I face and this has helped me to go about the day to day business much more positively. I would highly recommend Gareth and his services.

A.M. – Soldier. 26

“I met with Gareth over 3 years ago and from the very first session – I knew he could help me and make me feel better. He has untangled so many different things and he explains things in a way which makes you feel calm and at ease. I feel I can talk to Gareth about literally anything – nothing is a surprise, shock or uncomfortable and he makes this obvious making me feel better about speaking to him. I now only go to see Gareth when I feel I need to as he has taught me many practices that I use in everyday life and he rationalises things in a way which enables me to see things clearly. Gareth is approachable, friendly, patient and I would recommend him to anyone. No matter is too small or too big. I appreciate everything he has and will continue to do for me.”

S.W. – Office worker. 26

Gareth is an excellent listener. His ability to remember so many of the little details from the session we have shows to me a person that cares about his clients and really wants to help the improve. His advice is current and applicable to every day situations and I am sure that he has helped me in more ways than I currently realise. He helped me both personally and professionally. With results noticed not just be myself but by friends, girlfriend and work colleges. I would highly recommend his services it will help you a lot.

K.F. – Media Worker. 32

This man is brilliant at what he does, he made me feel very comfortable and made me realise a lot about my self and made a massive Impact on how I feel in life, and what I can do and where I can go, thank you very much Gareth.

Phill. 22

Seeing Gareth was not something I planned to do but I am very glad I have. Since my meetings with Gareth began I have found out things about myself I never knew and he has helped me to improve my life in a big way. Gareth is a wealth of knowledge and has an amazing understanding of the human mind. He has given me a sense of wellbeing I have never had before. The guidance Gareth has given me is life changing. He has shown me how my past is affecting my current daily life and now that we have identified the problems, together, we are able to improve the world I live in.

H.O. – Office Worker. 34

“…Having been a client of Gareth’s for several months I’ve been surprised to realise that I didn’t have all the answers and I was very wrong to think that his therapy and approach would only ‘tell me what I already know.’ Gareth has helped me to look at things from a totally different perspective and made me realise how potentially obstructive/destructive my current thought patterns were. Using a variety of techniques and approaches Gareth has been able to engender the optimism I needed to move forward and develop into the person I want to be, and I would recommend him to anybody.

 R. J. – Project Manager. 41

I went to Gareth for help with a sexual problem. I received wonderful, effective therapy; but also gained a valuable relationship with a warm, insightful and inspiring person.

B.K. – Student. 20

“After suffering from anxiety and related conditions for the majority of my adult life, I reached a point where I wanted to make a lasting and positive change. Having taken the intial step to gain more control in my professional and personal life I began to attend sessions with Gareth. These sessions gave me not only an invaluable understanding and insight as to why I was feeling like I did but they also provided me with the necessary tools to start living the life I wanted”.

T.A. – Businessman. 35

It was a struggle for me to deal with the external forces and issues in my life whilst also trying to combat my own internal problems. I was afraid of going to see someone or talk to anyone because I didn’t want to admit that I needed help, when I went to Gareth I was still reluctant to believe that the things I was struggling with could be helped. The first session alone helped me realise that I needed to help myself and that’s all I could do is help myself but it was nice to have clear and really helpful guidance. Having the opportunity to talk openly and freely with someone in order to get to the nub of some of the issues I had was a weight of my mind. I have always thought that if I have a problem or if there is something wrong with me I will be the one to deal with it, I would take control and cure the problem and it would be a sign of weakness to address my issues openly. But if you’re ill you go to the doctors, if you’re sick you take pain killers. I was struggling to cope with some issues and I went to see Gareth and it has helped me no end.

T.A. – Performer. 24

I cannot recommend Gareth highly enough. After consulting Gareth over long held issues relating to poor confidence and anxiety I now feel free of these debilitating thoughts which were holding me back in my personal and professional life. Gareth helped me make breakthroughs in removing these obstacles and I now have tools and techniques in place to ensure the good work in the future. Thanks you Gareth.

Frank – Team Manager. 31

Gareth has had a massive impact on my life, and without doubt, I would not be the person I am today without his help. As a managing director, business owner & employer, things where slipping and my life was spiralling out of control. Gareth helped me to regain control of my life. I can honestly say I was well on the way to a nervous breakdown or heart attack. Gareth’s counsel helped me to change my life, to take control, prioritise and manage. I’ve faced far bigger challenges since I met Gareth in my professional life and can recognise his influence when I deal with things well, or make sure my staff are supported and managed well. People in my life noticed positive changes in me and I had confidence in myself. My sessions with Gareth taught me a lot about myself, and I consider him a friend I should see more. I cannot recommend his services highly enough, thank you Gareth!

Marcus – Company Director. 33