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Hypnotherapy will enable you to relax and slow down sufficiently to gain a new perspective on your problems. You will be aware throughout the process and will experience a calm and a quality of insight that will help you to see the way ahead for whatever concerns you. My aim is to help you feel more in control of your life. In order to do this I also practice elements of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and will show you the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Clients come to see me with a range of problems ranging from nail biting, shyness, weight-loss, eating disorders, anxiety, performance problems and sexual difficulties. One core problem that underlies many of these issues is quite simply confidence. By coming to an understanding of how your childhood experiences have helped formed your personality we can begin the process of re-building your confidence. By developing a stronger and more confident personality you will feel able to cope with modern life’s stresses and strains.

At the core of my practice is the elementary work of just sitting with clients. In the free 60 minute consultation I offer a calm and receptive presence where you are encouraged to offload your problem so that we can see what we might do together. The key to my work is compassion both for yourselves and those you live and work with. Sitting with you in a non-judgemental way we develop an empathy that helps you come to terms with your problems and provides the foundation for developing yourself.

I contract for one session at a time and offer a flexibility that works around your daily lives. However you will have to commit to change. This will often mean me giving you ‘homework’ – for example meditation exercises that you use to develop the insights discovered in the sessions that help to you to slow down and gain an understanding of the space that can be developed between thoughts and feelings.

These days men are becoming subject to the same pressures and ideals that women have long been subject to – the perfect body and the ideal family, the secure home and many friends. And yet it is clear that many of us are unable to maintain such ideals. Over the past nine years (2009-2019) I have worked with many men who have struggled with problems such as:

• issues concerning your work performance
• confidence issues
• family stresses and strains
• impotence and erectile dysfunction
• depression and anxiety
• weight gain and loss
• irritable Bowel Syndrome
• social anxiety
• picking habits, e.g. Trichotillomania

At the core of these sessions has been the view that simply talking to another man has facilitated a quality of interaction that has been helpful and restorative. My clients are listened to with insight, unconditional positive regard and without any form of prejudice whatsoever. I offer combining hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP and meditation. I have been very successful in helping men improve the quality of their lives by dealing with the anxieties and troubles that have plagued them for so long