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Ten things we can all rely on.

    In these turbulent times the air is thick with pronouncements of plague, the end of days, epochal shifts etc. It would be unusual not to be unsettled by this relentless torment and tumult.

    However the boffins at men should talk have come up with a list of items that they are utterly certain will not change during the course of the crisis and way, way beyond. Their aim is to anchor you in such fundamentals and find calm. We hope you find this helpful.

    1. The media will continue to make confident pronouncements about the future (remember – these are the same people who didn’t predict this a few weeks ago)

    2. Insane and wildly speculative unchecked, unverifiable claims about the environment, broadcasting, fishing, ethics, cooking, employment, etc will continue unabated

    3. Politicians will predict that ‘we will all come out of this experience deeply changed’.

    4. The public will be used as meat puppets expressing exactly what the producer wants to say (but in authentic accents).

    5. Reason will struggle to have its voice heard over continual dramatic screaming

    6. Doomsday scenarios will fill the media and generate anxiety

    7. The stock market will be interpreted as a barometer of the nations’ health.

    8. Our essential ‘spirit’ will be cited as a resource in troubled times

    9. Celebrities will be used as ‘out-of-touch’ irresponsible symbols of wealth and something we should aspire to – sometimes in the same paragraph.

    10. People will make ten point lists.