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Men Should Talk Kindle Edition

In this comprehensive, easy-to-read book Gareth Palmer shares:

  • valuable examples of men who have tentatively begun therapy with feelings of shame and guilt and emerged happier and more balanced
  • real insights into why men suffer from anxiety and depression (and exercises to help overcome these conditions)
  • expert advice on how to move away from the compulsions that drive men towards a more easeful and authentic way of living
  • and much more.

Unlike other books in this genre, Men Should Talk is based on what works. The author has drawn on his 12 years’ experience as a Manchester-based therapist working with men from all walks of life to create this one-of-a-kind book. His practical model of the self demonstrates how you have developed relationships with your body, other people, your thinking and your emotions – four fundamental relationships which are unconscious reactions to your environment.

Once you understand how you have become the way you are, you can begin to make those all-important, life-enhancing changes.


Not a surface level self-help book but a deep dive in how to become a functioning, effective man. 5-stars.
A valuable and insightful read which empowers men to take action privately before taking their next step towards seeking help. Much-needed and well-written.
Really in-depth analysis on the relationship men have with emotions. Helped me get some perspective on some things I was going through. Useful tools in the book – I keep going back for a refresh!


This book is well worth the read for men who have issues (my word, not Gareths!) and the women who have to put up with them. I’ve personally developed a clearer understanding of myself from Gareths model. Would recommend as worthwhile reading for almost all people.