A recent article in Huff post illustrated how people were willing to learn from their devices. By this I don’t mean the usual business of getting information but more in terms of how the technology seems to look after itself. The particular focus on was the low power function that phones go into when the battery supply has dipped to 20% in order to to preserve essential functions. It is suggested we follow a similar strategy and go into low power mode when we are feeling overwhelmed.

I suspect that people have been doing this for a long time without perhaps acknowledging the hidden influence of the phone. How else to explain the intellectual inaction of our political classes? Have the recent televised debates been an attempt to convince the populace that their masters are all just crawling along in low power mode? 

Anyway in an attempt to dip into the zeitgeist I decided to learn from a bit of my own technology – to be precise the fax machine. Its been very quiet. Very. 

What I’ve done so far is to 

respond only when spoken to. 

collect dust and 

make that weird click beep sound followed by a sort of cchhhch

become warm in my rollers

Next month – the toaster