New PodCast

MenShouldTalk have launched a new PodCast. Please click on the link below to listen:- PodCast Series 1, Episode 1

Talk #4: Emotions

Dr Gareth Palmer’s last talk approaches a subject that many men find challenging – their relationship to their emotions.

Talk #3: Thinking

The third talk by Dr Gareth Palmer will investigate men’s relationship to their thinking.

Talk #2: Others

Dr Gareth Palmer’s second talk will consider the role others play in fashioning our identity.

Mind Your Head

Dr Palmer put on an exhibition at “Construction Week” in 2019 at the NEC. Mind Your HEAD aims to get MEN in the construction industry TALKING about their mental health.

‘Men Should Talk – the outline of our approach’

The approach I take to therapy has at its core the three values of Understanding, Acceptance and Compassion. These values as I understand them are explained to the client in the consultation before we set about investigating how these values work through the four relationships men have to themselves. We conclude with a model of alignment and balance which clients use to re-orient themselves when times become difficult or challenging as inevitably they must.Understanding. While we are trapped in our own narratives it is difficult to develop any but the most limited narrow band understanding of ourselves. We are set… Read More »‘Men Should Talk – the outline of our approach’